The innovative BigFoot random orbital polishing system designed and developed by RUPES is a revolutionary method for reducing traditional polishing times without creating holograms on any part of the painted surface. The process is completely new and allows excellent results to be obtained in just one step, creating substantial savings in time, energy consumption and cost of consumable products.The BigFoot system is based on a large diameter random orbital movement.The long throw eliminates holograms and takes away the necessity for a secondary removal step of them, an operation that is generally necessary when traditional rotary polishing systems are used.


"Each element must contribute to the perfect end result." This is the RUPES philosophy. Each and every detail of the BigFoot system has been designed to produce the best possible efficiency from all points of view. Energy savings are a particular concern of the BigFoot development team. Thanks to its innovative design, BigFoot uses an amazingly low 500 Watts of energy in the polishing process. Additionally, BigFoot uses far less consumable product than traditional polishers and accomplishes the same amount of work in a fraction of the time!


The BigFoot system is the perfect solution for the novice user or the professional in search of a flawless finish. BigFoot's design characteristics make it unique in the world of polishers. The exceptional balance and lack of vibration afford the operator complete control and maximize the maneuverability of the tool during the polishing operation. Normally difficult areas such as edges, contours and corners are easily handled with the operator employing a consistent and harmonious motion. Ensuring maximum comfort of the operator during use was an important aspect taken into account by RUPES technicians right from the first feasibility studies of the project. The unique design and concentrated approach to ergonomics result in a very stable tool that is light and maneuverable while still delivering all the power necessary to accomplish a world class finish. With BigFoot, polishing becomes easy, comfortable and produces excellent results.


Obtaining a perfectly polished surface in the least amount of time possible was a primary aim of the BigFoot project. Traditional polishing methods generally require an experienced technician and are very time consuming due to the various steps of sanding, polishing and treating post-polish holograms. BigFoot simplifies the polishing process, substantially reducing time and producing an optimum result with just one step. Thanks to the random orbital movement, BigFoot's innovative approach eliminates holograms and the need for post-polishing steps generally associated with traditional polishing methods. Traditional polishing methods often overheat the workpiece surface due to the excessive friction caused by the rotary movement of the pad and the long dwell time necessary to accomplish the required work. The random orbital oscillations of the BigFoot system prevent this risk by reducing friction and, as a result, any overheating of the surface. RUPES attention to design detail of our accessories also helps to reduce overheating of the work surface. The backing pads are designed with special holes that create an air flow that immediately dissipates any surface heat. The innovative “open cell” structure of the BigFoot foam polishing pads prevents the build-up of heat generated during the polishing process. The center hole allows better ventilation and heat dispersion through special channels in the backing pad. BigFoot's abrasive compounds are specially formulated to obtain the perfect mix of viscosity and aggressiveness. These unique compounds offer the perfect consistency for the foam polishing pad and create a constant lubrication between the surface and the pad that prevents the work surface from overheating. Thanks to the perfect combination of BigFoot's random orbital movement and specially designed accessories, the BigFoot system keeps the work surface at very low temperatures, virtually eliminating the risk of "burning" the clear coat.

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